DSC_9203What is Litigation?

In litigation, the parties use the court system, including lawyers and judges, to process their divorce. Although the parties can cooperate in this process, it tends to be difficult. The formality of the court system encourages adversity and competition.  Parties will often exaggerate their allegations to “win.” This results in more fighting, steeper fees, and more court time.  The court system is also slow, and with budget cuts and an increase in divorce litigation, even slower. Unfortunately, by the end of the process, most parties are worn out and do not feel successful.

Are you considering hiring a divorce lawyer?

Are you facing the possibility of a divorce? Have you been told to hire a divorce lawyer quickly to protect your rights? Whether you choose to hire a divorce lawyer for your divorce affects the success for your divorce. If you hire the wrong divorce lawyer, you can end up paying hundreds of thousands in lawyer’s fees without a winning result. Why? Divorce lawyers charge hourly to represent you. They cannot control your spouse and often do not have an incentive to settle. Divorce lawyers have to zealously represent you. It might sound great, but that might mean pursuing losing legal actions because you asked for it and you can pay! This is why whom you select to represent you and what process you select for your divorce will determine your success. Divorce without a divorce lawyer and without giving up your legal rights: You can divorce, in a completely legal way, without the help of a divorce attorney. Many like you believe this would require them to give up their legal rights. Others believe if they do not hire a lawyer, their spouse will beat them to it. What can you do? Have a game plan to select a winning process. If you understand the divorce process, you will know whether a divorce lawyer San Jose is right for your divorce. If you want any of the following in your divorce, then consider another process such as mediation:

  • Cost-effective divorce process
  • A divorce process that works with your schedule
  • To be in control of your divorce agreements
  • To have unique and specific custody arrangements that work for your family

Families First Mediation offers all these and more. You can still hire a divorce attorney while in mediation. You might want to do so as you proceed in the mediation to assist you with mediation consulting or review of your final agreement. We offer both services here at Families First Mediation.

Things to consider before hiring a divorce lawyer:

Before you consider hiring a divorce lawyer, consider what you want from your divorce. Often, couples feel there is no way they can resolve their divorce without the assistance of a divorce lawyer. Consider speaking with a divorce mediation expert, like Families First Mediation, to see if mediation is right for you.  If you select a divorce attorney, before considering other methods like mediation, you might be adding years to your divorce process and hundreds of thousands of dollars to your divorce bill. The most important decision you can make to resolve your divorce is the process you choose.

Every problem has a way out. Don’t settle for less ordinary. Take time to make the right decision for your divorce process and consider the benefits of mediation. Contact us for more information and a free consultation.

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