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Child’s College Adds Years to Retirement Date

There’s a considerable amount of pressure to have your children attend the best college or university that money can buy. Many high school students believe attending their dream school is a reward for working hard in high school. College financial [...]

Required Disclosures for Divorce in California

In this blog, I’ll discuss the required Disclosures for a divorce in Santa Clara County, also known as the Preliminary Declarations of Disclosure.  In Santa Clara County, prior to finalizing your divorce, you and your spouse must complete your Preliminary [...]

When Should I File for Divorce in California?

In a past article, I discussed that the process a party chooses to pursue a divorce or legal separation whether in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Campbell, or any other Bay Area city, severely impacts the outcome of their case. Once [...]

What Client’s Say

Dina brings not only a depth and knowledge of family law to the table, but also an incredible passion for being of service to her client which cannot be taught in books. She is a very formidable adversary to the opposition and a tireless ally to her client.
Doug, Former Client
Five important traits to look for in a divorce lawyer are that they are proactive in nature, willing to negotiate, assertive, approachable and a problem solver. Dina not only excels in all five of these areas, but more importantly she is trustworthy.
Lisa, Former Client
Dina brings such strength, professionalism, and wisdom to her work. Her assistance in helping me navigate a divorce kept me at ease in what can otherwise be such a messy, painful process.
Harmony, Former Client
Excellent experience and service. Dina is very professional and committed to achieving your goals!
Victoria, Former Client
Dina is the type of calm, smart & resolution-oriented person you want if you are looking to settle your divorce…The (divorce) world needs more Dina’s!
Ben, Former Client
Dina is charismatic, thorough, diligent, and truly goes the extra mile for her clients. She is extremely well-versed in a variety of family law areas and I highly recommend her. I cannot think of a more dedicated individual to the field.
Ryan, Former Law Clerk
Dina brings a refreshing perspective to the often difficult process of divorce…Dina & the staff at Family First Mediation provide a unique and healthy environment to allow couples to resolve their differences in an amicable way. I encourage you to seek a consultation with Dina as early in the process as you can! 
Michelle, Corporate & Securities Attorney
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