Divorce Mediator

This article defines the role of a divorce mediator and discusses the benefits of using a divorce mediator. A divorce mediator is a person who acts as the third party neutral in your divorce conflict  to create a safe space for both parties to negotiate a settlement agreement for their divorce that best meets their needs and that of their children.  With the divorce mediator’s guidance, you will work through child custody, child support, spousal support or alimony, and asset and debt division. The divorce mediator will schedule a number of meetings with you to reach agreements on each of these issues. The sessions are set around your schedule and can occur weekly, bi-weekly, or on a monthly basis.

Why use a divorce mediator?divorce mediator

There are several benefits for mediating your divorce, including:

  • Secured and confidential environment: Divorce mediation occurs in the mediator’s office, rather than a dreary courtroom. Mediation is also confidential, unlike in a litigated process where your private and personal details can wind up in a public court file for your neighbors to see.
  •  Productive flow of conversation: For many divorcing couples, communicating with one another is tough and often nearly impossible. The divorce mediator helps create healthy conversation between them. With the divorce mediator’s assistance, the couple can discuss the divorce issues and reach successful resolutions.
  • Control of Your Process: In mediation, the couple is in control of their process, not the attorneys or the judge. The divorce mediator helps the couple make legal, binding decisions, which considers their unique interests.
  • Creative Solutions: Not every family is the same and neither is every divorce. With the guidance of a divorce mediator, you can come up with creative solutions to […]
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Divorce Mediation

About Us

Families First Mediation is a pioneer in the field of divorce mediation within San Jose Ca. Dina Haddad has presented the benefits of divorce mediation and the impact of California divorce law to a wide-range of audiences, from Google employees to the Santa Clara Valley Marriage and Family Therapists. Similarly our entire divorce mediation team takes great pride in being active trainers, mediators and teachers of mediation in the greater California area. Take advantage of our vast expertise and background in the field of divorce mediation and our genuine desire to help you mediate your divorce.

What is Divorce Mediation?

divorce mediation san joseDivorce mediation is a non-adversarial process in which a divorce mediator – specially trained for this purpose-helps people find solutions to issues such as asset and debt division, child and spousal support, and child custody. During the mediation process, both parties agree to use a third party, the divorce mediator, to resolve their divorce. At our divorce mediation company, we guide you through the entire process of divorce so you will never need to go to court. Our mediation services are an alternative to the formal process of divorce court, including collaborative law. Divorce mediation is completely legal, inexpensive and puts you in control of your divorce. Consider our company’s complete divorce services, which provide expertise in an affordable way.

Divorce Mediation Process

Our divorce mediation process supports a resolution of legal and psychological issues simultaneously. With our team of qualified mediators, parties to the divorce work together in a neutral and safe environment, usually the mediator’s office, to come up with a mediation agreement. This can be done with or without attorneys. The parties […]

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