You Will be Heard.

It’s very important that you select a mediator who understands your interests not just your goals. What’s the difference?  Interests are why you have a certain goal. For example, you want more time with your children because you love them. When we understand the why, we are more likely to achieve your goal. Dina does this by listening to you!

Your Values Will be Respected.

Values define you and your family. Each person has a set of values and beliefs that are defined by their culture, background, experiences, and family. These may be very different or similar and each person is unique. It’s important that they are respected and understood. With Dina’s background in cross-cultural negotiations, you can rest assured that you will have the freedom to be who you are, and not forced into a divorce or family law mold. And you won’t be judged. This is about you. It’s that important.

You Will Achieve Results.

Most importantly, you need to achieve results. Our goal is that you receive quality work and the optimal results for your case in the most cost-effective manner. Dina has the expertise to guide you through the divorce or family law process so that you reach the best optimal resolution for your case.  You won’t be giving away your rights at the table. For more about results, visit “Winning Results.”

You Will Save Money.

Mediation is affordable. Rather than incurring costs for separate attorneys, court fees, and fighting battles, you can steer your case.  Dina’s hourly rate is affordable as is the retainer. We also accept credit card and offer a free 30-minute consultation for mediation services. From there, the amount of agreement you and your spouse or partner will make guides the costs.

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