One-on-One Consulting

At Families First Mediation, we understand that it is often difficult that both parties agree to mediate.  Sometimes all it takes is a little coaching of one party to help explain the benefits of mediation to the other.  We don’t want the party who is willing to mediate to lose out on the benefits of mediation. That’s why we offer one-on-one consulting.

In One-on-One Consulting, you can meet with Dina to work through the specifics of your case, and answer your most pressing questions. You might feel more empowered and educated to bring your spouse to the mediation, or these answers will help guide you through your divorce or custody battle without the unnecessary stress and costs.

Additionally, you might be using another mediator but still need the assistance of an attorney. If so, you might retain Families First Mediation to assist you through the mediation. A lawyer will help you prepare for mediation, guide you during the process, and review any agreements made in mediation.

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